Reasons to email me

I suggest the following possible reasons

  1. Describing the precise symptoms to a doctor with my experience of whooping cough, can make the diagnosis of whooping cough or otherwise, more certain.
  2. You want to confirm what your own doctor has told you about whooping cough issues is in accordance with other medical opinion.
  3. Issues regarding immunization after possible whooping cough often need to be tailored to individual circumstances. Getting the proper answer can be difficult.
  4. Issues regarding the prescribing of antibiotics for protection of contacts are difficult. You may want to clarify the best course of action for your family circumstances.
  5. The paroxysms of whooping cough can be very frightening. It can be difficult to get anyone to understand this and get reassurance.
  6. You can send me a recording for my opinion.
  7. To talk to me on the telephone or Skype.
  8. Get advice on how to approach your own doctor or emergency room doctor tactfully about a self diagnosed illness.
  9. You may have developed a symptom I have not described or explained, and want to check it out.
  10. Seeking the best way of getting it confirmed in your particular circumstances.

Reviewed 22 May 2020