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Dr Doug Jenkinson

I am pleased to give you advice about whooping cough for a small fee that you can pay using PayPal using the button at the bottom of this page. It is very simple. You do NOT need a PayPal account. Any credit or debit card can be used. See what is required by pressing the button. No harm can be done.

If you are unable to pay, tell me the reason why using the email link at the bottom of the page and I may still be able to help.

Please include any relevant medical details as well as your geographical location. All information you send me is confidential.

The charge is to deter frivolous requests for information that is clearly obvious on the website.

Please note

 I am a fully registered doctor in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

 Any correspondence or communication is for the purpose of providing information only. It does not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. Please read the About Dr Doug Jenkinson page to learn all about me. (It opens in a new Tab.) 

The charge is  $15 

As soon as payment is made I am notified of this and your email address. You are returned to a page with the email address to use.

I always answer questions promptly. I don’t mind how many questions you ask. Everyone is always well satisfied that they are gettting good value. If anyone is dissatisfied I will refund their money immediately. 

This is an altruistic site to help and inform. I maintain it at my own expense.

This site is non profit making. The cash generated helps to cover the considerable cost of maintaining the site which is advertisement free and not connected to any commercial organisation.

I can also provide telephone or Skype/FaceTime advice for a double fee.

Some reasons why people email me

Read the article in the British Medical Journal by Ros Levenson 2007 in which she describes how she got diagnosed with whooping cough with the help of this website.


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