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Dear Visitor

This is not a fancy website. The purpose is to be accurate and comprehensive.

Here you can select from the links on the left, the areas you are interested in. Most people go straight for the symptoms and the sound files. They are the most popular. There are also videos of whooping cough. From these pages you may decide that you possibly have whooping cough, and that may be enough for you.

The FAQ page is designed to answer most questions commonly asked.

The links on the left are on most pages,.

I welcome comments about your whooping cough, or the site, but I cannot usually respond, although I always read them. I particularly ask you to let me know if you think you have it (via the comment page).

You can email me for a personal response if you wish. I make a small charge for this which helps towards the cost of maintaining the site, which has no commercial links or advertising and is non-profitmaking. Very few people use this service which reassures me that most questions get answered.

You should read about who I am. As with all information, you need to know the source before deciding whether to believe it or not!

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