Outbreak in the Village

Front cover of 'Outbreak in the Village'

'Outbreak in the Village. A Family Doctor's Lifetime Study of Whooping cough.'

I have written a book for general readers about my investigation of whooping cough while working as a family doctor and raising a family in a village in central England. It spans over 40 years and I tell the story as it happened.

I thought I might have a problem getting it published but friends said it was good, and experts were really enthusiastic about it. I was amazed when Springer Nature jumped at the chance to publish it. They are a really major important company and in the forefront of scientific publications. They must know what they are doing.

The hardback version will be available in Europe from August 24th 2020. In the USA from 21st September 2020.

It can be pre-ordered using your preferred link to the Springer Nature Shop. Delivery is included. You will not be charged until you are sent the eBook which will be about a month before the book is published. 

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A lot of the information in the book can be seen at my website www.whoopingcough.net

The story chronicles a time when whooping cough came back after an anti-vaccine scare, then settled down. The developed world thought it had disappeared but it had not gone at all, as I proved. I had to set up a website to help people get diagnosed because their own doctor never did! When tests came along to confirm it more easily, these cases that had been there all along were ‘found’, causing a lot of confusion. People think it has come back, but is hasn’t really, it never completely went away.

Douglas Jenkinson

Registered medical practitioner in the United Kingdom since 1967. Worked in Africa in the 1970s. Spent most of career in General Practice in Keyworth near Nottingham. Was also a part-time lecturer in General Practice at Nottingham Medical School. Became engaged in post graduate education and research into asthma and whooping cough. Acknowledged expert on clinical whooping cough and awarded doctorate after many publications.

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