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Attacks of coughing, choking and retching

Does this describe what you have been suffering from for many days or weeks?

Do you frighten yourself and others when you get these attacks?

Have you already seen a doctor and not had a satisfactory diagnosis?

It is possible there is a simple explanation that is not life threatening or dangerous.

Whooping cough (pertussis) used to be a disease of children but nowadays it is most common in teens and adults in the developed world.

It is a very difficult disease for doctors to diagnose.

You will probably need to diagnose it yourself first.

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Douglas Jenkinson

Registered medical practitioner in the United Kingdom since 1967. Worked in Africa in the 1970s. Spent most of career in General Practice in Keyworth near Nottingham. Was also a part-time lecturer in General Practice at Nottingham Medical School. Became engaged in post graduate education and research into asthma and whooping cough. Acknowledged expert on clinical whooping cough and awarded doctorate after many publications.

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