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This page is for comments only. Many people waste their energy asking me to answer questions using this page. I can never help to manage an ill person, that must be done by your local medical advisor who can examine and take responsibility. For general questions please use the pay page

If you use Facebook you can contribute to the Whooping Cough Doctor Facebook page and share and discuss your issues with others.

To email me at this site enter as much or as little information as you wish about this site or your experience with whooping cough. I am anxious to make this site as easy to use and as useful as possible. If you can suggest any improvement I would be grateful. I maintain the site personally. Unfortunately I cannot usually reply to comments.

I would like to know if you think you have whooping cough so I can build up a picture of where it is causing a problem. Eventually I would hope to put the information here. Just say how many people, how old they are, the town, the state or area, and the country you live in. Write it in the box below. Thank you.

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